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character info.
NAME. Mordin Solus.
Series. Mass Effect.
HEIGHT&WEIGHT. 5 foot 6 inches and 138 lbs.
APPEARANCE. picture.
STATUS. | TITLE. quick summary. (UNDERLINE PROPER BLOCK BY ADDING [[ text-decoration:underline; ]] WITHIN span style="...;" . THERE'S FIVE FROM RED TO BLUE.)
LODGINGS. Arrived | ooc date (ic day)
Staying | ???


??? - M-12 Locust
- M-5 Phalanx
- 6 spare thermal clips
- Omni tool
- Downloaded onto his Omni tool is the sound tracks of several Earth musicals most of these are from Gilbert and Sullivan productions. He also has Fiddler on the Roof, Phantom of the Opera, and Cats.

- also current outfit he was wearing when he went up the elevator in his death scene

GOALS. ???
MEDICAL INFO.??? Salarian. His biiology is going to be a bit different.

He is also considered elderly for one of his people as he has roughly four years left to live.

MENTAL INFO. ??? He has a great deal weighing on his mind. He was ready to die to make sure that what he had to do was complete. He is very smart, a little arrogant, and harbors a major guilt complex over things he did as a young Salarian.

FOURTH-WALLING. ??? Please don't. He also won't do it to your characters either.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. ??? Sure. He is fine with most things just keep in mind he is asexual.
INJURE/KILL. ??? Talk to me first.
DEVICE HACKING. ??? He has future tech backing him up and was a member of a future black opts division. Only hackable by people with advanced technology on the level of his universe or with enough time on their hands.
THREADJACKING. ??? Ask not just me but the other player involved.

Interrupts can be good for the soul.

ANYTHING ELSE. ??? Nah we're good.

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OTHER CHARACTERS:Marion Scotts [personal profile] didnotwant

SERIES: Mass Effect series
CANON POINT: Canon Death, Paragon Path assuming the cure was used properly and the Krogan weren't betrayed by Shepard
AGE: 36

This is him!


Mordin Solus is a complicated Salarian with many layers to him. He claims this is typical for a Salarian as they have different levels of secrets. The kind that are
easily figured out as they are not really hiding it but keep it secret as a matter of course, the kind they expect clever family members or close friends to figure out, and the last that they make it clear through subtle cues that they need to keep hidden.

Salarians do not marry and also have little interest in sex so Mordin is asexual but he also doesn't quite grasp social cues from other races so if someone keeps approaching him one on one after a time he might just politely inform them he isn't interested. He tries to be very good about it too as he honestly has no desire to hurt feelings.

First off Mordin is capable of being a extremely practical thinker capable of seeing a threat and the quickest ways to get rid of it. Upon sending Shepard to deliver a cure for a plague that had been used on the Ward he was working in he requested that Shepard keep an eye out for his assistant Daniel. Depending on what happened (it's Shepard's choice on what exactly went down in the end) Daniel becomes horrified to discover that Mordin is fine with killing especially if it protects more lives that way.

This leads to why Mordin as a younger Salarian was involved in the Salarian Special Tasks Group. It is the fact he knows how smart he is coupled with thinking that the work on the geneophage is right. He enjoyed working side by side with brilliant minds. It is likely he still to this day enjoys being surrounded by peers who he can share ideas with. At the time he was resolved that the Krogan only knew how to live as he saw them at the time on their home world. There was no advancement in their civilization socially and if they didn't modify the genophage he could see them restarting the war that had forced his people to need to invent it in the first place.

In his mind at the time a few deaths would save many more lives in the end. At the time he was convinced he was right because if they didn't do this then one day the Krogan would be killed because the galactic community as a whole wouldn't give them another chance. He did this knowing it would lead to many Krogan children never being born as many would be still born or never even reach that level of development. After his work on the gennophage he left the STG due to feelings of guilt he had over what he still felt needed to be done at the time.

Mordin has also made a study of many religions and schools of thought to help him come to terms with what he did as a member of the STG. He hasn't found anything that really makes it better but has come to be a more ethical scientist than one would expect even for someone who is very practical. He will not let anyone under his care come to harm and will go to extremes let people know he will not allow them to harm the people under his care. He even went as far as to use his connections with the Salaraian Special Tasks Group to acquire military grade mechs to guard the clinic.

Following the events of Mordin's loyalty mission ( "Old Blood") Mordin was deeply shocked by what his former assistant and student had done. He began to slowly express feelings of guilt over his work and feelings of self-doubt over if the genophage was needed anymore. He had gotten to see first hand what infertility had done to the Krogan females who couldn't have children and how far they and their male counterparts were willing to go. This is a great turning point for Mordin and after the events in Mass Effect 2 when Mordin goes his own way this is when he starts to lose himself more and more to the music that held him together during the glory days of his research and the drive to atone for his perceived sins as a scientist.

In Mass Effect 3 Mordin continues to display his care for people under his protection. When Shepard meets him on Sur'Kesh Mordin insists on protecting the Krogan female personally and places himself in danger to do so. He doesn't trust anyone else to do it. He even tazes a fellow Salarian who was going to get in the way of Mordin getting the Krogan female Mordin was out to protect to safety. He entertains her later by singing a modified song originally about a "Pirate King" putting instead a "Krogan Queen" to try and keep her spirits up. His own spirit is wavering because he realized something about himself and his work the Commander might have been able to pry from him.

Commander Shepard : Every time we've talked about this before, you defended the genophage! Hell, I had to talk you into saving Maelon's data! How could you change your mind now?
Mordin Solus: I MADE A MISTAKE!
[calms down, realizes what he just confessed]
Mordin Solus: ...I made a mistake.

-- Mass Effect 3

He even tries to think of her as a female first and offers kindly to play matchmaker with her and different crew members knowing in the future she may not get to choose a mate based on romantic love but for duty.

Ultimately Mordin is willing to sacrifice his own life to save the Krogan people from the genophage and trusts no no else to do it.

"Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong."-- Mordin Solus

ABILITIES: He is a scientist Salarian. He is an expert in genetics and can act as a medical doctor he is also very good with xenobiology given his work on the Krogan genophage and his clinic on Omega. Given the situation on Omega it also seems apparent that given the right situation he can work on a shoe string budget as he likely did not charge for his services.

Mordin is also trained in the use of sub-machine guns and heavy pistols.

He also is trained in several other abilities from his time in the STG and a member of Commander Shepard's squad.

Cyro Blast
Neural Shock

He is also talented in music. Be nice and he may sing for you.


- M-12 Locust
- M-5 Phalanx
- 6 spare thermal clips
- Omni tool
- Downloaded onto his Omni tool is the sound tracks of several Earth musicals most of these are from Gilbert and Sullivan productions. He also has Fiddler on the Roof, Phantom of the Opera, and Cats.

- also current outfit he was wearing when he went up the elevator in his death scene

[ He is recording this for reviewing at a later date so his voice comes out clearly over the audio recording. ]

First official day on board this ship. Fascinating crew. Obviously not AI. Voice of this "captain' comes in with too much emotion. Also!

The voice distortions are strange. Older technology on board I am unfamiliar with. Did not expect this.

[ He takes in a sharp breath through his nostrils. He is perplexed right now. ]

This isn't the after life I expected. Find myself armed with familiar weapons. Shepard's preferred guns for me in fact.

Deeply troubling. Much to consider.

Second first person example:

[ There is a soft humming that sounds like a show tune or something close to it. Bum, bah bum, bum bum.

Then the camera is flipped on and the viewers are greeted by the curious face of Mordin Solus. ]

Greetings! Assuming this thing is on. Simple design in apperance.... Not so simple in reality.

Couldn't hack it. Most troubling. Then again hacking was never my strong point.

Genetics, virology, biology, medicine--

Where was I?

[ His gaze flickers back to the screen. It looks like he has someone watching him. Excellent. He wants answers! ]

Am aware that people could be watching. It's obvious this is some kind of network. Do not trust that Captain.

Too loud. Harsh.

Also obviously insane.

Have one question. Many possible answers. Why?

[ He gets a flood of responses! There are beeps and whirls all around him as data comes pouring in. He almost laughs but holds back and selects a question. ]

Why what?

Hmmph! Simple to answer. Desire to know everything.

I believe the human phrase might be 'hit me'?

What is KERNOS? What is COMPASS? Obviously related. Connected. Are they the same thing?

Also unfamiliar with human religion. Oversight seems shameful now. Would appreciate explanation of the ship's name. Seems familiar.

[ His gaze flickers again and his eyes brighten with something like excitement as a familiar purple hood and face mask pop up. ]

Mordin? [ Oh he is right, that is Tali'Zora. Most exciting! ]

Greetings Tali! Excellent to see you. Where are you? Would prefer to go to you.

[ He is delighted to see her now. If she is here maybe Shepard is too. He secretly hopes not as this is a poor mockery of an after life if it is one. ]

Hold on. Let me send you my location. Be careful. This fog seems thick.

[ Mordin smiles a bit. ]

Not concerned about the weather. Omni tool has light function. Your last update was an excellent idea. Controlling the light output is useful.

Makes late night reading easier.

[ Tali tries to not giggle. Even now he still talks too much. ]

See you shortly Mordin.

[ He nods once before shutting down the video feed. ]

Of course. This time you will see me coming!


Mordin is humming to himself under his breath. He isn't in a bad mood. He is merely checking out what serves as the medical bay. He simply doesn't think to ask if he should be in there. If they wanted to keep him out they would have said something.

He pokes around looking at the unfamiliar supplies. He sees some kind of wax, plants he can't identify, and bandages. The lack of medigel disturbs him as what would they slap on for people who had different reactions than humans to these things. His eyelids flicker in thought.

He should bring this up with whoever is in charge. He will offer his assistance if they want it. In the mean time he thought he saw Tali'Zora earlier. He should track her down and see how she is doing.


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